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While data collection brings in a multitude of information, analysis of this data can help you see what matters. With your business goals in mind, Communications for Research (CFR) analyses our data collection to uncover answers to your research questions so you can make informed business decisions.


In the end, our goal is to see the research project succeed. This means going beyond data collection services and providing data processing, analysis, and reporting services that deliver output that is usable for our customers.



Research reporting is about understanding the audience that is going to be receiving the information, knowing the research goals, and doing the diligent work to draw high quality, accurate conclusions (insights) from the data collected to help communicate meaningful outcomes. Unless you ask for it, we will skip right past the PowerPoint deck with a question by question graph and description of the data. We jump directly to communicating the conclusions and recommendations that are supported by the data and walking you through why those conclusions were reached.

Data Analysis

Our analysis services are provided specifically to act as an extension of your team and keep our customers doing what they are best at. Whether it is coding, tables, regressions, or discrete choice analysis, we will seek to quickly understand the output you need, provide a fair price to deliver, and get to work. Everyone has their own expectations in their mind based on their past experiences. Our approach is to use our own expertise to provide exactly what you need and be sure we learn from each experience so that it gets easier and easier to use us for analysis services to support you and your research.

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